Pax 3 Vaporizer


The new PAX 3 vaporizer is one of the handheld vaporizers with best reviews in market. PAX 3 complete kit allows users to vape herbs and concentrates, what gives it more versatility. PAX 3 vaporizer is portable, and easy to use, being possible to regulate vaping temperatures in 4 pre sets, besides a 5th temperature set thought for BHO extractions vaporization.


PAX vaporizer was one of the first portable vaporizers, and probably the one that got best reviews in its whole history. After years in market, this brand has evolved their vaporizer, and now PAX 3 (3rd generation) that improves its performance, the autonomy, and an overall better functionality. A compact design, and a new Bluetooth connectivity function (that allows users modifiy some parameters from their cellphone).

PAX 3 is a portable vaporizer, compact-sized (9,8 x 3,1 x 2,2 cm), available in 4 different colors: black, blue, silver and pink. The new Pax 3 adds to its herbs vaporization chamber, an accessory to vape BHO concentrates. This accesory (included in this complete set) works as an electronic e-nail (using the heat produced by the vaporizer).

PAX 3, as a good portable vaporizer it is, has a 90 minutes autonomy, being possible to charge it within a USB, or connecting it straight to the plug (a complete recharge takes about 3 hours).

Thanks to an intuitive color coding shown in its front, we can check the battery level, selected vaping temperature, and also to check if the vaporizer is heating up or ready to vape.

With PAX 3 we can regulate vaporizing temperature pushing its main button (being able to choose between 4 different temperatures, besides an specific one for concentrates). So its use is very easy and intuitive. Once filled the fillining chamber with grinded herbs, or with resin extract, user will only need to push the button, wait for 15 seconds to heat it up, and then it will be ready to inhale.

Manufacturing the new PAX 3 there is no place for shitty materials, being all materials used from alimentary grade, what derives in a 10 year warranty given by manufacturer.

Another great feature in this PAX 3 compared with previous models, is its new Bluetooth function, that allows you to regulate some parameters like temperature, check battery status, and other paramenters.

This complete PAX 3 kit also includes: Multi-tool, maintenance kit, 2x mouth piece (flat and enlarged), 2x top piece (for herbs and bho resin), 3x screen.

PAX 3 complete kit

Type: Portable.

For: Herbs and resin extracts.

Temperature: Regulate using 4 different pre sets.

Autonomy: 90 minutes (3500 mAh).

Recharge: USB (3 hours).

Bluetooth: Yes, within a free app.

Warranty: 10 years by manufacturer.


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